Mass Communication

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You can choose from a wide variety of journalism courses which range from creative writing, editing or proofreading courses to freelance journalism. All of those specialized courses are designed to develop the students' creativity, while providing them with skills

 On this School we continue to develop the positive ethos and learning culture throughout the school community with a commitment to continual improvement and meeting the highest expectations. To develop the literacy, creativity and social built for students to access the full length of the curriculum and parting the society with the highest academic and social standards. Due to high rise of digital platforms, Cambridge Universal College has developed online transmission frequency and live visual media that enables our students to be fully involved with the knowledge of digital hardware’s and soft wares.  We’re the first institution that broadcast live from within the school compound. And, we looking to broaden our portals and platform to national and international mainstream.

In the School of Mass Communication and Journalism, we have the following courses

Course Entry Exam Body Duration
Diploma in Mass Communication and Journalism C- ICM 6 Terms
Certificate in Mass Communication and Journalism D- ICM 4 Terms

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